Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back, Up, and Running (well, walking)

OK... Well after a few months (we'll say 8) and everyone, my wife included, mocking my blog life, I feel it is time to get things going. I have been literally all over the country and world since I last updated and I hope the friends I've met along the way can add some life to this. I so value conversation and how life is experienced through relationships.

I don't know if words could do justice to the journey I've been on the last 8 months but I'm sure it will get fleshed out over the next little while right here. I can say some of that journey has had to do with why I have been so silent here, in large b/c I didn't know how good it would be for a lot of my thoughts to be out in the open. I am now starting to feel peace in some of those things and am ready to move forward. (The othe reason for being silent in this blog was in fact - laziness...)

Anyways.... Thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts... if you are reading this then on some level we probably know each other and I hope you know I appreciate your friendship. I hope you will take the time to check in regularly and please feel to leave comments. Much love to all of you...

May you rest in the love and peace of God...




aca said...


hi friend!

wmts said...

Hey Jason, good to hear from you today. I'll be sure and check your blog from time to time. Keep in touch, and tell your wife Allie and I said hi!!


Eric Wakeling said...

Jason - you are awesome!! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit during Ashdown's wedding. Thanks for checking in on my blog. I will try to do the same.

My fantasy team is sucking so I'm kind of depressed about it, but other things are good.

Also, I won't give you guilt about your lazy blogging, but seriously just suck it up and start typing. :)