Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day - A note from the fam

The woman in this picture is my babies momma. You all know her as Diana. She is also the woman who agreed to marry me. She is incredible. Below you will find notes to her from each of our family members in honor of her on this Mother's Day.

Diana, I love you. You're my everything. When you said you would marry me my whole life changed. You are a picture of grace in my life that I get to see everyday. You are smart, funny, forgiving, loving, hardworking, strong, and you bring a stability to our family that I have never known. Really, there aren't enough words.

Mommy, the doctors said without you being on bed rest for 10 days before I was born I might not even be alive. That is hard for me to believe because I always feel so alive when I am near you. You take such good care of me. You feed me, give me hugs and kisses, take me a walks, and even snuggle me when I am sad. Dad says you're the best mom in the world and I believe him!

Hi Mommy!!! I am your little boy. I love it when we play!!! We have a had long journey since we first met and I am so thankful for how much you have taken care of me. I couldn't imagine being a happier little boy and I think it's because you love me sooo much. I get the feeling we are gonna have soooo much fun together.

Hi mom. I know sometimes I am a lot to handle but you seem to love me anyways. I love to play with you, protect you, and love, love, love it when you let me sleep in the bed. I also love it when you let me play with the little babies. We have such a great family and we all know it's because of you. Do you want to play?!?!?!?!

We love you babe! Thanks for taking such good care of us and loving us so hard. We have such a wonderful family and are so blessed. I (we) couldn't imagine life without you. Happy Mother's Day!


Jason, Addison, Aidan, and Tanner

ps - props to Rebecca for taking most of these photos. You can track here down here. She is available for all of your memory capturing moments ;)


Brandi Laughter said...

This was beautiful! She IS a very special person. I love and miss her a ton! Love the new pictures also, I hate I missed yall while you were in Hendo!

Katy K said...

Thats really sweet, Jason. I bet you got some extra points for this! So nice!! :-)

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