Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Songs from Sunday

I was reminded this weekend (twice) that I have been failing to live up to my commitment of posting songs from Sunday morning here. Since I am studying Mathew 5 and specifically what it means for your "yes to be yes" I feel convicted. ;)

Here you go:

Awesome is the Lord Most High
- Chris Tomlin

Salvation is Here - Hilsong United

Spring Of Life - Kristian Stanfill

Til I See You - Hilsong United


True Love - Phil Wickham

Happy Day
- Tim Hughes

Hope you're having a great week!



Kim Smith said...

Dang it! Shannon and I were running late on Sunday and we missed the first song. It just so happens that it was one that I had requested. I am disappointed. Thanks, Jason, for honoring my song requests. You are awesome.

Mike Morrell said...
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Mike Morrell said...

Hey bro,

You wanna hear some off-the-chain-original worship music? My friends Tracy and Brian have recorded a groundbreaking new album, Songs For A Revolution of Hope. Order it. Chord charts and overheads can be accessed from the website.

And for whatever it's worth (which might not be much!), my thoughts and ramblings on worship can be read here and here and here.

See you 'round town...

Phil Wickham said...

Thanks for playing my song.

It means a lot to me.