Monday, April 23, 2007

Opposing the Traffic Benefit Weekend

If you are in my contact list you may see this in email form also.

Myself and some friends ( - myself and some good friends - - my church community - also good friends) have been working really hard to pull together an awareness weekend for "Human Trafficking".

The weekend is here and I wanted to let all of you know about what's going on. You can check out the website at - We put this site together to hold all the details for the weekends festivities. In short, we have:
  • a benefit show at The Pour House Friday night - doors at 8pm (we need to cover a hefty bar tab - please bring your friends) - The Bands are Incredible - lots of fun - good rocknroll
  • A sleep out at the Capitol lawn Saturday night (we have a permit)
  • Our Church is giving the morning to Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners to speak of all that is going on around the world related to human trafficking - this will blow your mind
but go the website and read through it - it will take you 5 - 10 minutes

I would like to personally (or not so personally) invite all of you to the benefit show Friday at the least. It wil be a blast... would love to see some of you I havent seen in a while. You can get info there on the rest of the weekend. Saturday will be a blast also and Sunday you would hear things that you will not believe.

Anyways... no matter where you fall in the realm of spiritual things, I am sure you would agree that sex slavery and human trafficking is far beyond something we should just let go unnoticed. I am not only asking that you try and make it if you are free, I am asking you to consider changing your plans if you have them for such a cause. (dont mean that to sound rude... hopefully you know me well enough to catch that - just being to the point) If you can't, I understand ;)

Here's how you can help
  • come to the benefit show
  • bring other people
  • email/blog/myspace/facebook/contact your friends and tell the about the weekend -
  • join the Voice Together mailing list - - for future updates on things we are doing (
Signing off - but - come into town this weekend... come to the show... hear about what's going on. If we could save one woman or one child from this terror, it would be worth all the effort.

I know we can make a difference.

Peace and Love



BFrancese said...

Ah glorious...such a great thing you guys are doing. Looking foward to the gig and getting informed.


Chris said...

you're the man. looking' forward to the weekend.