Friday, November 03, 2006

The Fray

So I just bought 5 tickets to see The Fray on Jan. 21st. I happened to find out (through Jeff) their tickets went on sale this morning and when i checked they were almost sold out. I figured some folks would want to come so I bought extra... The tickets are like $37 plus all the extra charges for who ever all gets a cut is ~ $45/ticket... ($44.something)

Jeff is going... my wife is a maybe... So I have 3-4 tickets.. first come first serve... i do unfortunately have to extend the price of the ticket to you... let me know if you want to come...

Say yes to Pop-Rock!!!




Rebecca said...

ooh ooh! pick me!

Josh & Emily Mitchell said...

Jason, I want to come.

siobhan moraski said...

hey jason...put one aside for karl...i know he misses you guys terribly, this'll stop him whining!